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FML + my msn
  Yaffie, May 24 2009

Hungover girlfriend vomiting downstairs -_-

Poker update:

I havn't had much chance to play, (particularly last couple of working weeks), due to uni work. I'm now into the exam period, but revision is a lot less intensive than coursework so I'm able to grind some.

If any low stakes (I'm playing NL50) LPers wana chat / help each eachother out when there's a big fish at the table, my msn is or just send me a PM


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Year 1: Complete
  Yaffie, Mar 23 2009

Exactly a year ago I deposited $50 on pokerstars. I'm up $3161 cash, approximately $1200 tournaments and ~$400 through bonuses.

Year graph:
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Overall I'm disappointed. The amount of time I've put in to improving my game definitely doesn't warrant the limit that I'm playing at. I know I'm good enough to be playing NL50, and would be at least taking NL100 shots if I hadn't tilt withdrawn 3 times over the year.

A week ago I felt like I was finally getting somewhere solid - I'd been beating NL25 for a couple of months, albeit at 3-4 BB/100, and I was regularly sitting down at NL50 tables when there were fish. My bankroll at that stage was ~$1700. I was on course for my best month ever - over $500 up before march 15 - and then the doomswitch came on. I did keep playing through it, and broke even for a few days, until I lost over $350 over a couple of sessions. Yet again I took what I had left and withdrew back down to $200, and I find myself grinding NL10

You can see where I've withdrawn in my year graph. How depressing.

Anyway I'll keep going because it is nice having the extra cash but this is most definitely NOT the end I wanted for my first year at PS.

Also I have 20k fpps to spend. I feel like I should get myself something nice now the year is up as I haven't spent a single one as far as I can remember. I'm thinking £50 amazon gift vouchers?


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Mini update + Watchmen
  Yaffie, Mar 11 2009

Last couple blog posts I moaned about spewing and lack of mentality. I stuck to my plan and made back those 10 buyins i spewed at NL25 by playing NL10. moved back to NL25 again last week and have been playing to a strict 3 buyin stop loss. (not that I've had to stop myself yet). I'm sitting down at NL50 tables if I can smell a real fish and am up a couple buyins there. I'm running pretty shit this week though at nl25 but still 3bb/100 so can't complain.

Graph so far

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Released that deposit bonus as well today, so withdrew the $600 + $150 bonus i made and I should make gold star this month if I carry on at the rate I'm playing.

This month will see the end of my first poker 'year' on pokerstars, so there's some incentive to push for a nice final month.

Think I'm roughly +3.2k cash and +1.2k tournament. I'll obv post at the end of this 'year' with some sexual graphs

Non poker:

I saw Watchmen yesterday. Fucking awesome. I think the success of the film is tantamount to how close to the comic they managed to keep. Visually stunning with a great soundtrack, solid cast and gripping story. Gave it a 10 on my imdb list and they don't come easy Here's a link to my 'must see' films if anyone's interested:

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